Watch the terrifying moment when a 7.8 earthquake hits rocks a Ecuador supermarket


Rattling metal pants, shattering plates, and, suddenly, the lights go out.

That’s exactly what shoppers experinced at one grocery store in Ecuador, the moment a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the South American country near the central coast line. The death toll currently stands at 233.

One shopper in the store caught the destruction on camera as soon as it began. The video shows signs falling and home goods swaying and crashing to the ground.

About 20 seconds in on the video, the lights and power completely cut out, leaving shoppers scared and helpless, dodging flying ceramics. By the 30 second mark, the emergency lights and fire alarm have come on and shoppers can be seen running for the exits while trying to stay dry by shielding themeslves from the spinkler system. Terrified screams can be heard throughout.

The rest of the video shows some very bewildered shop workers surveying the destruction, along with whoever of the video.

Check out the full video below.


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