Watch the terrifying moment a marshal is almost run down by the field at the Singapore Grand Prix

A very close call. Photo: Lars Baron/ Getty Images.

It was a disastrous start for the Singapore Grand Prix after a marshal had to scramble off the racetrack at a restart of the race.

A breakdown in communication has been blamed for the near-miss accident.

Video shows the marshal sprinting for his life towards an opening in the concrete barriers as the field speeds towards him at 300km/h.

The footage is petrifying. See it here.

Nico Rosberg, who led the pack at the time, said it was a “pretty hairyā€¯ situation and the incident cause him to lose time.

A spokesman for the Formula 1’s governing body told Autosport that it happened as a result of circuit officials not following FIA procedure.

Autosport has more.

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