WATCH: The Incredible Moment A Terrified Hostage Escaped From The Sydney Cafe

Five people have come running out of the Sydney cafe where a siege has been underway for nearly eight hours.

Three men escaped the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place earlier this afternoon.

Soon after, another two women, appearing to be wearing Lindt uniforms, ran from the cafe and dashed straight into the arms of police.

Police said as far as they know no one has been injured inside.

Here’s the incredible footage of the first woman getting out, captured by the Nine Network:

Here is the footage of the first two hostages who managed to escape, captured by the ABC.

The gunman’s motive is still not clear.

Police have been unable to confirm the number of hostages still inside, although they believe less than 30 people were inside when the gunman entered, including 10 staff.


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