Watch the incredible leap that saw Gael Monfils dubbed 'the flying Frenchman'

Photo: Cameron Spencer/ Australian Open.

French tennis player Gael Monfils produced a forehand attempt worthy of the history books of the Australian Open this week.

The no. 25 ranked player, who has played in 10 Australian Open tournaments, defeated Russian player, Andrey Kuznetsov, in the fourth round 7-5 3-6 6-3 7-6(4).

In the second set Monfils tried to return a shot from Kuznetsov and ended up leaping across the court in Margaret Court Arena.

While the shot failed to make it past the net, it caused a stir among viewers and he was even asked about it during the post-match interview.

“It’s like something snaps in my mind. I’m a competitor so when I need to, I just fly,” he said.

“People need to understand that if I dive, it’s because I know I can dive. It’s instinct.”

He will face Canadian Milos Raonic, ranked 14, tonight in the quarter-finals.

Watch the incredible leap in full below.

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