WATCH: The highlights of an epic two hour battle between a guy with a handline and a 4-metre tiger shark caught off WA

Screen shot from mobile phone footage.

A fisherman used only a handline to bring in a four metre tiger shark at Shelley Beach near Albany in Western Australia.

Brendon Hilder says it took two hours to land the shark using a 200 pound hand line, four ganged hooks and a salmon fish head as bait.

“When I hooked it, it was two, three metres (off the beach) but at times, it had gone in excess of 200 metres offshore,” he told local ABC radio.

Watch the action here:

Hilder says he was “absolutely knackered” when a stranger came along and helped him

After posing for photos with the catch, the shark was released back into the water.

“It’ll survive, it’s a big, tough girl – I’m sure the hooks I used will rust off in no time if they haven’t dislodged already,” Hilder says.

And more footage:

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