Watch ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ Before Friday’s Premiere


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Two years after the bloody battle that ended season one in the Starz network show “Sparatacus,” we are ready to see the aftermath of the finale’s cliffhanger. (Remember, the last six episodes were a prequel.)And now you don’t have to wait until Friday to see the first new episode in nearly a year.

Starz released the premiere episode for season two on its website earlier this week. If you can’t watch it online, don’t worry. Starz subscribers are able to watch the episode on demand for free. 

This season will see Liam McIntyre take over the lead role of Spartacusactor Andy Whitfield passed away from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma this past September. The hour drama will follow Spartacus as he leads the freed slaves from the House of Batiatus. 

Despite heavy promotion for its January 27 debut, we’re not that surprised Starz leaked the first episode considering the recent rise in early premieres (“New Girl,” “Boss“).

Watch the new episode now