WATCH: Shots fired as soldiers and police clash on PNG streets


Shots were fired on the streets of Port Moresby in a confrontation between police and soldiers.

The armed clash was apparently sparked by an incident in which police stopped a soldier’s vehicle to check registration.

The soldiers from the First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment say their colleague was “manhandled”.

Local media reports say armed soldiers, seeking revenge, clashed with police outside the Boroko police station just a few minutes into New Year’s Day in the capital Port Moresby.

The soldiers fired into the air, according to television footage.

Superintendent Ben Turi, the head of the National Capital District police, was among those assaulted.

Here’s EMTV’s vision of the incident:

There’s been growing tension between the military and police.

In 2015, Police chased and shot at a car that ran a red light, leaving one soldier dead and four injured.

The latest incident followed a threat by an army captain to shoot police at a road block in Port Moresby.

Jerry Singirok, a former Defence Force commander, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat the incident showed a “total breakdown in discipline” in both the police force and the army.

Chief of Staff, Colonel Ray Numa, told EMTV News, the Defence Force will investigate.