WATCH: Shep Smith Hammers Daily Caller Reporter Who Heckled Obama

Fox News anchors came to the defence of President Barack Obama against Neil Munro, a reporter from The Daily Caller that interrupted his prepared remarks during an announcement about his administration’s shift in immigration policy. 

Shepard Smith said it “breaks longstanding decorum.”

Fellow anchor Chris Wallace, who was appearing on Smith’s show as a guest, called it “outrageous.” 

Wallace pointed out that he had covered Ronald Reagan’s presidency with ABC’s Sam Donaldson, who Daily Caller editor in chief Tucker Carlson invoked in his statement to justify the incident. 

“We used to scream out lungs out asking questions. But, we always waited until any president had finished speaking. The idea that you would interrupt the president in the middle of prepared remarks and shout a question — I don’t think the guy should be allowed back in the White House, and my guess is he won’t be.” 

Of Tucker defending Munro, Smith said: “I’m hoping maybe Tucker didn’t see it — didn’t know the context — because Tucker knows better.” 

Watch the video below, via Mediaite:

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