VIDEO: Watch Samsung Perform 'Matrix-Style' Drop Tests On Its New Phones

People drop their smartphones. It just happens.

Luckily, phone manufacturers know this, and often perform rigorous drop tests to ensure they aren’t shipping a phone that’s too brittle, or too bendy.

Samsung recently released a video showing the multiple tests conducted on the Galaxy Note 4, including drops from various heights, and a “tumble test” that recreates what it’s like to drop your phone down a flight of stairs.

To get a sense of the Note 4’s durability over time, Samsung says it drops each phone “hundreds and hundreds” of times, including on rough granite surfaces and smooth metal floors.

But the coolest part of these drop tests is how Samsung documents each drop, using an army of cameras to capture a rotating slow-motion sequence by splicing together the photos, which is similar to how The Wachowskis created the famous “bullet time” sequences in “The Matrix.”

The Note 4 seemed to hold up well to the barrage of tests, but you can see for yourself below.

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