Ron Paul: Shouldn't WikiLeaks Make Us Ask Whether We Are Getting Our $80 Billion Worth In Intelligence Gathering?

ron paul

Between his reaction to WikiLeaks and his views on the deficit Ron Paul may well find himself with enough ground support to launch a formidable 2012 campaign. 

Yesterday he went on the floor of the House to school Congress in the fact Julian Assange can’t actually be arrested.

He further questioned why Assange is the target when it’s the Government who couldn’t protect its own information.  And anyway, why the hell are we paying so much for intelligence gathering if this is what we are gathering.

“Any information that challenges the official propaganda for the wars in the Middle East is un-welcomed by the administration and supporters of these unnecessary wars.  Few are interested in understanding the relationship between our foreign policy in the Middle East and the threat of terrorism.”

Also: Which has resulted in the most deaths? “Lying us into war, or the release of the WikiLeaks papers?”

Vid below [h/t Greg Mitchell]


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