Watch Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal lose it while trying to make an ad on helium

Screenshot: Hot 91/ Facebook.

Sportspeople are usually considered to be composed, self-regulating folk.

They have to keep a level head and their emotions in check in order to maintain mental strength when battling it out in their chosen sport.

Newly-crowned Australian Open victor Roger Federer and runner up Rafael Nadal are no exception to this.

But in a rare candid clip of the pair, as they try to shoot an ad for a charity match, they can’t seem to contain themselves.

Having ingested helium to make their voices high and squeaky, the two tennis champs can’t seem to get a line out without folding over in a fit of giggles.

It’s a lovely insight into the pair’s relationship — rivals on the court, good friends off the court — and it’s hard not to smile at the scene.

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