WATCH: Rene Redzepi explains why he's bringing everyone from his Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, to Australia

Rene Redzepi at Barangaroo. Photo: Jason Loucas

One of the world’s greatest chefs, Rene Redzepi from Noma in Copenhagen, which is regularly rated the best restaurant in the world, announced today that he’ll be bringing a team of 70 people, including four Australians, to Sydney in 2016, opening Noma Australia for 10 weeks at the new Barangaroo complex.

The chef is famed for foraged, exploring the environment to see what undiscovered ingredients can be found hidden in the landscape. At Noma he serves live ants that taste like lemon, and pine needles.

Redzepi says he’s always been drawn to Australia for its people and the sunshine, “but what really boggles my mind is the differences you find in its landscapes and ingredients, because honestly I have never seen anything like it”.

He’s spent the last three weeks exploring the country, looking at the ingredients he can use for Noma Australia.

“We’re here to learn from the Australian landscape,” he said.

He’s a taste of what he found and what you can expect when Noma Australia opens in January 2016.

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