This Is Quite Possibly The Worst Driver In The World

A video from Calgary Alberta, Canada, showing a BMW driver’s mighty struggle to escape a parking lot has gone viral.

Many viewers, including auto experts such as Yahoo Autos Editor Justin Hyde have deemed the driver “the worst in North America.”

We’d go further. This is possibly the worst driver in the world.

According to Hyde, the driver made a remarkable 97-point turn in an attempt to back out of a parking space and exit the lot. Regardless of the actual number of turns, the video is 4 1/2 minutes of pure driving frustration. 

The video begins with the driver of a silver BMW X3 SUV attempting to leave a parking spot and immediately crashing into a red Mazda 3 parked behind it.

 The X3 then ends up perpendicular to the parking space. From there, the video descends into pure chaos. Even after the nearby black sedan leaves the lot, the driver doesn’t seem to notice. The infernal series of small adjustments continue.  At this point, what began as a parking manoeuvre has turned into a Mr. Bean skit.

Somehow, the driver manages to get stuck behind the white Acura MDX SUV in the foreground. 

Eventually, the driver figured it all out and got out of the lot. Regardless of whether the driver is indeed a terrible driver or simply suffered a 4-minute lapse of reason, it’s slightly disturbing to think someone like this is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Fortunately, the ordeal resulted in no injuries and caused little damage beyond a dented red Mazda, reports the CBC.

According to the news organisation, the Calgary Police issued the driver a $US115 “unsafe backing” ticket. However, based on a series of tweets by Calgary Police Constable Jeremy Shaw, the department did launch an investigation regarding the damage to the Mazda.

No charges emerged from the investigation, which is now closed. 

Here’s the full video, in all its frustrating glory:

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