Watch Out For Fake Sugar Bowl Tickets

bobby petrino arkansasBobby Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks face Ohio State on Jan. 4

Photo: AP

This is just good advice anytime you buy scalped tickets to a big game, but you need to be especially careful when trying to pick up seats for next month’s Sugar Bowl, since about 2,000 people were sent duplicate copies of the tickets they legally purchased.All the tickets are barcoded, so whoever tries to use the second ticket will be denied entry, but that’s not really a problem for the person who sold it to you, is it?

The Sugar Bowl contacted all the people who received doubles and asked them to destroy the extras, but that’s displaying an unusually trusting faith in their fellow man. We’re sure that won’t stop some folks from trying to sell one or both of their pairs and making a double killing.

Bowl officials were kind enough to publish a list of the all seats that have duplicates floating around so just print out this Excel spreadsheet and carry it with you everywhere you go in New Orleans to consult during your on-the-street negotiations.

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