Watch Out For Fake Buddhist Monks Begging For Cash In Sydney

No, they’re not monks either. Photo: Getty/Keystone

Fake Buddhist monks, last seen scamming people in Sydney in January, are back in town taking advantage of people at Vivid.

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said the fake monks were most recently see in Victoria and target popular tourist spots, asking for donations.

“We suspect they may have returned to Sydney recently to take advantage of the influx of tourists here for the Vivid Festival,” Mr Stowe said.

“The Buddhist Council of Australia advised the alleged monks were not members of the Buddhist community and were in fact running a scam.

“They can reportedly become quite intimidating if people don’t hand over cash, so if that happens Fair Trading is advising people to report incidents to the nearest police station,” he said.

Buddhist Council of NSW chairman Brian White, said Buddhist monks and nuns would never ask for money from strangers.

“Instead, people voluntarily give requisites to monastics unsolicited and this is a practice that is done with a sense of joy,” he said.

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