Watch Out Cisco, SalesCrunch Is Coming After Your Multi Billion Dollar WebEx Business


Photo: First Round Capital

SalesCrunch, the startup that makes web presentations easier, will turn on its payment system starting next Monday.It had been in a private beta allowing customers to use it without paying since November. Customers can still use a light version of the product, but for more advanced features they’ll have to pay up.

SalesCrunch is streamlining the webinar business. The industry leader in the space is WebEx, which Cisco acquired in 2007 for $3.2 billion.

With SalesCrunch, there’s nothing to download and install, which makes it easier to use than WebEx. SalesCrunch is strictly web-based and everything happens through a customised URL. On one end, users follow along with slides as a salesperson talks to them over the phone. On the other end, the salesperson controls the slideshow and has access to a few extra tools.

One of our favourite features is the red outline that appears around a user’s picture when s/he goes idle for two minutes. SalesCrunch founder Sean Black says it’s a way to measure engagement: “I can literally tell if I’m putting people to sleep or not.”

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