UPDATE 2: Mud from TOP KILL has made it hard to see anything.

UPDATE: Lots of motion and camera movement. Looks like The Abyss. A claw-like applicator is moving toward the BOP.

Another camera angle clearly shows multiple gushers. This may confirm reports that 2-to-3 leaks have deteriorated to a chaotic leak pattern, with gas and oil breaking from the seabed floor.

Remember, it might be two days before we know if TOP KILL is working.

—–Did BP just kill the livestream? We’re seeing reports that BP was about to start inserting mud.
—–Now we’re seeing a new camera angle that shows the blowout preventer. No sign of mud application yet.
—–Operation Top Kill has commenced. You might not see much activity in the video, as BP is shooting cement at the blowout preventer, not the broken riser (pictured). But if it works…
—–Operation Top Kill has been given the green light by Rear Admiral Mary Landry, and it could start any moment. Meanwhile: glug-glug-glug-glug-glug. If it looks like the oil is gushing like mad, you’re right. They took out the siphoning tube in preparation.

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