Watch NSW police dance terribly for the viral running man challenge

Screenshot. Photo: NSW Police Force/ Facebook.

NSW police officers have given a cringeworthy performance in response to the running man challenge which has blown up around the world.

NSW police took up the latest dance craze and posted their performance on Friday evening after they were challenged by the New Zealand police force.

The challenge asks participants to dance to Ghost Town DJ’s song, My Boo, and post their renditions online.

Sadly, it wasn’t the best of performances by NSW police despite saying on Facebook that “our rehearsals took longer than expected”.

They’ve challenged Queensland Police Service, Victoria Police, California Highway Patrol and Metropolitan Police Service.

Check out their performance below.

Meanwhile, let’s see some more inspiring performances by the Australian Federal Police:

Northern Territory Police, who were omitted from the running man challenge, were more original and filmed theirs in an aquarium:

And finally, NZ police:

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