The 3 Best Places To Legally Watch Free Movies Online

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You don’t need to become a poster child for Hollywood’s antipiracy campaigns and get smacked with nasty fines for downloading movies from the Internet.You shouldn’t have to worry about copyright law when you just need a couple of hours of entertainment. So find something from one of these sites and start watching. Rest easy and know that the Feds will leave you alone.

  • The Internet Archive: One of the largest caches of royalty-free and public-domain video. There are plenty of movies to pick from. Check out the blog for occasional movie recommendations and announcements of new uploads.
  • Babelgum: Babelgum offers free movies and other videos. Just like on basic cable, you have to watch ads. It’s heavy on documentaries and indie productions.
  • Hulu: It’s not just television. Hulu has a rotating movie catalogue readily available for free.

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