Watch Mark Hamill get reunited with his real lightsaber

Picture: GeekTyrant/YouTube

It’s an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

And you can assume Mark Hamill probably hadn’t held it for 30 years. When Pop Culture Quest, a show on Comic-Con HQ, handed Hamill the original prop lightsaber from Return of the Jedi, Hamill himself couldn’t quite believe it.

“Oh my gosh. So that a replica of…”

“That’s not a replica,” the show host says.

Hamill seems impressed – “It’s heavy isn’t it?” – then goes into a nice short story about how the whole thing worked, with a battery pack on his belt and a wire going up his sleeve. And the detail about how the blades were actually spinning tubes of cardboard coated with “movie screen material”.

That’s why it’s heavy. And another nice touch comes when Hamill is told it’s the same hilt Sir Alec Guinness used in A New Hope. Here’s the full video:

That, of course, has opened up pages of discussion on YouTube, because as every fan knows, Luke built his own lightsaber for Return of the Jedi using a kyber crystal emitting a green blade:

Picture: Lucasfilm

The lightsaber Kenobi used in his final battle with Darth Vader – his third lightsaber – was made using an Adegan crystal emitting a blue blade:

Picture: Lucasfilm

Confused? bmxriderforlife1234 is there for you:

Picture: GeekTyrant/YouTube

To watch the full episode, you’ll need a subscription to Comic-Con HQ, but they do offer a free trial. Check it out.

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