WATCH: Mark Cuban Defends His Charlie Sheen Reality Show To A Disgusted Mika Brzezinski

mark cuban sheen

Always headline-friendly HDNet head and Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban was Morning Joe this morning and revealed he is going ahead with the rumoured Charlie Sheen reality show.

We’ve got video cameras following [Charlie Sheen] around, and we haven’t come to a final deal, but our discussion has been, here’s what the public sees, here’s the publication perception, let’s show them what really happens behind the scenes and prove to them how you’ve been able to manipulate the media to your advantage.

Cue a Mika Brzezinski scolding:

MIKA: Call me debbie downer, I don’t care. it sounds like a very lucrative idea, but the guy’s potentially not well and do you really want to get involved with something that could end quite badly? And do you really think it’s the right thing?

CUBAN: Mika, have you spent time with him? Is there something you know that I don’t?…Anyone who has gone through the pattern of behaviour that Charlie has, there’s unquestionable risks…Mika, you’ve got to be concerned, and in all the discussions I’ve had with him and with the people around him, you know, they call it Sober Valley Lodge where he lives for a reason. Everyone is very concerned and very supportive to keep him that way.  And he — a former addict, there’s always the risk of foll falling off and that creates risk in any business.

He goes on to say he sees not moral reason for not going forward with the project.  Video below.

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