Watch Lindsay Lohan's Hit-And-Run Video Footage—Here's Today's Buzz

  • TLCThis isn’t actually the first trip into the city for these young Amish.TLC admits their new reality show “Breaking Amish”—which chronicles five adults ages 20-32 as they leave behind their isolated community for the big city—bends the truth and is not quite what it appears to be.
  • After a year of legal troubles and erratic behaviour, Amanda Bynes’ agent, publicist AND lawyer have all dropped the actress as a client in the past few weeks.
  • Music publisher hit with $500K jury verdict over ’70s hit “Fallin’ in Love”—the family of late songwriter Dan Hamilton prevailed against industry vet Henry Marx in battle over publishing revenue.
  • The Baz Luhrmann-directed “The Great Gatsby” gets a release date of May 10, 2013—right in between “Iron Man 3” and the “Star Trek” sequel.
  • “Hamlet” is getting a modern day TV remake on Fox about “When a beloved presidential hopeful dies in a tragic car wreck, a renegade JFK Jr. type returns home to D.C. to discover his father’s death was no accident.”
  • Lady Gaga blames her 35-lb weight gain on her restauranteur dad’s delicious “pasta and pizza.”
  • Paris Hilton apologizes for saying gays are “disgusting” and “probably have AIDS.”
  • Lindsay Lohan was arrested in New York early Wednesday after she allegedly hit a pedestrian with her Porsche. Lilo, however, maintains that the claims “will be proven untrue.” Check out the grainy surveillance video below and judge for yourselves:

  • Watch Britney Spears’ startled, expletive-filled reaction to a thunderboom right before a rejected “X Factor” reject has a meltdown:

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