Watch Justin Long’s ‘Office’ Parody Of Mitt Romney


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In a new parody video by, a political action committee, Justin Long channels Mitt Romney to make fun of the politician’s now famous line, “I like being able to fire people.”The video tries to impress upon viewers that the governor is just a big company executive who loves to fire people who work for him.

Long plays Romney in a Michael Scott-esque character with the camera showing “Romney” as he finds clever ways to fire his employees. The parody is entitled “Mitt’s Office,” drawing obvious comparisons to “The Office.” Even the song in the video is reminiscent to the opening title music for the hit NBC show.

So what are some of the ways Long’s “Mitt” enjoys to fire people? Writing it on a birthday cake with icing is one example. There’s even a clip for the next “episode” of “Mitt’s Office” where “Mitt” looks for his tax returns and the camera stumbles across a stash of money and gold.’s website has the parody front and centre on their homepage with the title reading, “The One Man in America You Probably Don’t Want to Work For.”

Take a look and decide for yourself. Watch below: