Jon Stewart Mocks Bill O'Reilly And David Brooks On Weed

On the Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart took both Bill O’Reilly and David Brooks to town for their recent comments on marijuana legalization.

On his show, O’Reilly has said that becoming intoxicated is “literally Russian roulette”

“Bill, what are you talking about?” Stewart responded. “In fact, I think the only difference between a bong hit and pointing a loaded gun at your own skull is that the gun can kill you instantly and must never be criminalized or restricted in any way ever.”

Stewart then mocked O’Reilly’s concerns over the “texting epidemic” and his desire for America to be more like China with regards to both marijuana use and texting.

Finally, Stewart moved on to David Brooks’s comments last week on his past use of marijuana and deep concerns with marijuana legalization.

“You just don’t get it Brooks,” Stewart said. “You don’t understand the ‘exuberance of the feast.’ You know I read a great thing recently. This guy wrote happily of having an orgy of excess, his head fogged with wine and bourbon. Made him realise how he hates living in the age of the ‘lily-livered’ when everything is a pallid parody of itself. Gone, he wrote sadly, is the exuberance of the feast. Gone is the grand and pointless gesture.”

“I believe that story to hedonism was written by David Brooks,” Stewart added.

Watch both clips:

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