Watch John Boehner Read A Partisan Christmas Poem

John Boehner Christmas YouTubeJohn Boehner reading his poem ‘Happy Christmas To All.’

Republican House Speaker John Boehner performed a reading of “a Christmas poem” for a video that was released on his YouTube page on Thursday.

Boehner’s poem, which was titled “Happy Christmas To All,” celebrated the true spirit of the holiday season — and the fact the new Republican Senate majority will be in place when the 114th Congress convenes next month.

In the poem, Boehner blamed the current Democratic majority for causing dysfunction and “gridlock.”

“‘Twas the end of the 113th when the countdown began, the new American Congress would soon be at hand. Time to take on the tough issues, like taxes and spending. The gridlock in the Senate may finally be ending,” Boehner said.  

Boehner, who represents a district in Ohio, also took a shot at President Barack Obama for issuing executive orders to make policy changes rather than working with Congress.

“Reform is needed, from home in Ohio to here in Capitol Hill,” said Boehner. “But not by executive order, but instead by bill.” 

Watch Boehner’s full poem below.




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