Watch Jason Brown, The Teenage US Figure Skater Who's Become An Internet Sensation

Jason Brown after the routine that made him an internet sensation at the US Figure Skating Championships on January 12. Photo Matthew Stockman/Getty Images.

Jason Brown is a 19-year-old Winter Olympics hopeful with a ponytail.

Like most sportspeople, the 2010 US Junior Champion was just plugging away at his dream until footage of his performance at the US Figure Skating Championships, two weeks ago, hit YouTube.

The prescient commentator pointed out before his routine started that Jason lacked the quad jump his rivals use to impress the judges “but he has something very unique that we’ve seen and that is an ability to connect with the audience”.

Now, nearly 3 million people have watched his performance on YouTube and Jason suddenly finds himself an overnight sensation – and even his ponytail has a parody Twitter account.

By the end of his routine, which reveals his love of Riverdance, the crowd were on their feet cheering him on with a standing ovation, although Jason himself acknowledges it wasn’t one of his best performances.

But the Internet Will Decide and the next thing you know the kid from Illinois has the nation behind him and is doing a Google hangout and will appear on the Arsenio Hall show this Friday.

Oh and he’s off to Sochi, having won the silver medal at the Championships.

Here’s the routine that made him a star. Enjoy.

Hat tip to Mashable.

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