See Incredible Video Of The Shootout In A Detroit Police Station

The Detroit Police Department has released remarkable surveillance footage of the shootout that took place inside a Northwest precinct on Jan. 23. The shocking and disturbing video shows officers battling for their lives as the gunman unexpectedly opened fire on officers working at their desk.

The video, shot from two different angles, shows suspect Lamar Moore calmly walk into the station and approach the desk, before opening on fire the officers who were working there.

Two officers begin returning fire before Moore leaps over the counter to attack them again. Moore (who was using a shotgun) and Cmdr. Brian Davis then exchange gunshots from point blank range, before Moore is mortally wounded. Davis was shot twice and three other officers were wounded, but all are recovering.

The video begins with a brief statement from Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, explaining the decision to release the clip.

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