WATCH: How to understand Australian slang

Australians have transformed the English language over the years to suit themselves.

Most additions to the language have been local slang which means us Aussies can have a full conversation in half the time. We’re an efficient bunch.

For example this sentence:

“After smoko I might go down the bowlo s’arvo for a schnitty and bevvy with Tommo.”


“After morning tea, I might head to the bowling club this afternoon for a chicken schnitzel and a beverage with Thomas.”

But the problem is, many around the world don’t understand us.

So Aussie comedians Rhys Keir and Josh Hawkins have put together a hilarious video to teach people around the world “How to speak Australia”.

Here it is.

The video was posted on Josh’s Facebook page earlier this week. It has been viewed over two million times and received over 34,000 shares.

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