Watch how this New Zealand fishmonger supplies Michelin-star restaurants in LA with its catch in under 24 hours

Photo: Xero.

Lee Fish is a small-town fishmonger in New Zealand but is considered the best supplier of the fish it catches in the world.

For this reason, the business supplies Michelin-star restaurants in LA. And they do it in under 24 hours.

Not only is the process fast, but Lee Fish prides itself on its sustainable fishing practices and centuries-old traditions, including “Ikijime”, a process which kills the fish instantly, preserving freshness and taste.

Lee Fish’s use of cloud technology and real-time data ensures every fish can be tracked back to who caught it, what boat it was caught on, where it was packaged and how it traveled.

Xero, which provides accounting software for small business, followed the process to capture how Lee Fish manages to get its product on the plate of diners in LA in just 24 hours.

See it here:

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