Hooters' New Ad Blatantly Attacks Chipotle

hooters waitresses

Photo: Samson Loo on Flickr

In today’s bit of bizarre advertising news, Hooters just released a commercial that’s a pretty blatant attack ad against Chipotle. (Watch below.)The low-budget spot opens on a dude holding up a tinfoil wrapped burrito in a restaurant that looks like a whole lot like Chipotle — although its burrito-making condiment bar is a lot more messy than any I’ve ever seen. Then viewers are shown how much happier he’d be if only he’d gone to the cleavage-friendly, wings Mecca that is Hooters instead. 

Moving away from its bizarre, puppet-filled ad campaign, Hooters decided to go with a strategy that has worked for other companies: slamming the competition. Arby’s has a vendetta against Subway; and people love Samsung’s Apple bashing, right?

But is Chipotle really Hooters’ competition?

While consumers could take the ad, titled “Burrito,” as a sign that Hooters is introducing a burrito, they’d be wrong. Although Hooters has nachos, tacos, and announced that it’s expanding its menu, burritos are currently nowhere to be seen.

And the end of the ad plugs Wednesday “Wings-days.”

Watch the ad, made by Skiver, here:

The hashtag for the campaign is #stepintoawesome.

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