Watch History: First Ever Kickflip On A Surfboard

Capitalism at it’s most basic root: cash inspiring progression! 

Over the last four years surfers have tried to claim the $10,000 prize of Volcom’s Kickflip-Off Contest and land the world’s first kickflip on a surfboard.  For the less steezy, this is when the board comes off of the wave, does a complete barrel roll in air and lands flat on the wave, a trick usually reserved for skateboarding. A few weeks ago, Zoltan Torkos rode little wave in Santa Cruz, California and made history.

Volcom’s (an action sports clothing company) rules for the contest were simple (sort of).  The rider had to catch a wave by him or herself, perform a kickflip above the lip of the wave without touching the board, land, and ride off catching the whole thing on tape.

Torkos has been attempting the trick for months determined to make it happen – and finally, he has done what no man has done before.

After some confusion from Volcom’s judging panel, he took the cash and title home – On March 8th,Volcom’s original decision disqualified Torko’s video because the official rules of the Kickflip-off contest state “The kickflip must be a real air ‘above the lip’ – No backwash, No chop hops, or anything in the flats or below the lip of the wave.”

Sorry brahhh… but wait, there’s more!

Volcom must have realised how much free attention they were getting from the contest, and on March 10th reversed their decision:  “After further review Volcom has decided to reward Zoltan the $10K for his groundbreaking manoeuvre, and at the same time redefine the rules and double the prize money on the elusive ‘above and off the lip kickflip’ now worth $20,000.” 

From a business perspective, that’s a great decision.  Not only does Volcom get to claim to be the company that put the first kickflip on a wave, but they promote the shizzle out of their next competition for free (well, for $10,000.00).  Volcom’s name has been attached to this video since day one of it going viral, and will forever be attached to the epic feat.  It’s a win for Torkos, a win for Volcom, and a win for surfing!  

The kickflip is subtle and takes place at about the 10-second mark.  The board comes off the wave, rotates completely and lands again on the wave.  

Congratulations to Zortan Torkos!

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