Watch Guy Pearce, Kickass Iron Man Villain, Impersonate Steve Jobs In This Truly Awful Music Video

Not Steve Jobs, Guy Pearce. Picture: Youtube

Australian Hollywood star Guy Pearce released his first feature album, Broken Bones, last month.

He is undoubtedly a huge on-screen talent, one of the biggest stars among the slew of Aussie actors that have made it big in Tinseltown.

Pearce starred in both Home and Away and Neighbours before a lead role in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert put him onto a string of almost unmatched big screen success – think LA Confidential, Memento, The Hurt Locker, The King’s Speech, Prometheus and the role of Stark nemesis Aldrich Killian in the last Iron Man movie.

And by several accounts, Broken Bones isn’t half bad.

Certainly better than, say, anything by Russell Crowe’s Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts or former Neighbours cast mate Craig McLachlan. His vocals have been compared to the likes of Bowie, for example.

And Pearce is definitely wary of being judged harshly, but he has been writing and singing since he was 10 and feels there’s absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t be able to release an album in peace.

Except this video for one single, Fly All The Way (again, not the worst song out right now) is… hard to watch. So hard, in fact, that it’s clearly intentional.

It’s worth noting that Pearce has flagged the video as “unlisted”. That could mean a variety of things, such as Pearce doesn’t want this video to be easily found by search engines, or simply sees it as a semi-private project. Or it could have been exclusively released to someone else first. But it’s out now as a shareable link.

Before we get to the video, here’s a quick taste of what’s in store:

He performs as the doctor with the latest pill…

… then the wacky TV chef selling a piece of kitchen equipment…

… as a hyper-motivational gym instructor…

And we think this is supposed to by Katy Perry:

Maybe just switch your screen off, or turn your back, and try to give Pearce some credit for the catchy tune. Here you go:

Now Read: Watch Guy Pearce, Kickass Iron Man Villain, Impersonate Steve Jobs In This Truly Awful Music Video

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