Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale ran at 35 km per hour before scoring an outrageous chipped goal

Gareth Bale capped an electric 73-yard sprint with a stunning chipped goal on Sunday.

The Welsh forward reached speeds of 35 kilometres (21.75 miles) per hour before sealing a 3-1 win for Real Madrid against Real Sociedad.

But it was still not enough to fully satisfy Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane.

“He’s not playing at his best,” Zidane said, according to the BBC.

Zidane added that Bale’s goal was “a weight off his shoulders.” Zidane then said that Bale “had a great game,” but believes the forward “can do much better.”

You can watch Bale’s goal here:

Bale has previously been identified as the world’s fastest footballer, according to a Mexican study via Spanish publication AS.

The study found that Bale’s maximum recorded speed was 36.9 kilometres (22.9 miles) per hour, marginally higher than the speed he reached in the match against Real Sociedad.

As a point of reference, the Mexican study listed Cristiano Ronaldo’s maximum recorded speed as 33.6 kilometres (20.8 miles) per hour and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi’s top speed as 32.5 kilometres (20.19 miles) per hour.

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