Watch Floyd Mayweather turn $20,000 into a $101,250 poker win

Getty ImagesFloyd Mayweather.
  • Floyd Mayweather recorded a video of a successful poker session.
  • The retired boxer, renowned for his “Money” nickname, played $US25 hands in “Ten Play Draw Poker” and somehow managed to scoop $US101,250.
  • The winnings are mere pocket change for Mayweather as the American was used to collecting $US100 million cheques during his fighting days.

Floyd Mayweather continues to live up to his “Money” nickname even though he has officially retired from boxing.

The 41-year-old retired last year as an unbeaten, 12-time world boxing champion in five weight divisions, racking up $US1 billion (£720 million) in career prize money.

But, according to TMZ’s copy of Mayweather’s Snapchat video, the American continues to scoop heavyweight pay cheques.

During a recent “Ten Play Draw Poker” gambling session, Mayweather played $US25 hands from a $US20,000 buy-in. He somehow managed to turn this into a $US101,250 win before calling an attendant to confirm the score.

Watch the win in the video below:

While $US101,250.00 may seem like a massive amount of money, to Mayweather it’s mere pocket change.

Mayweather was used to collecting $US100 million pay cheques whenever he contested a big fight. He even used to show off the cheques on his Instagram account.

The photo below was posted shortly after his 10th round victory over UFC fighter Conor McGregor last year.

Mayweather is officially retired from boxing but has teased the prospect of transitioning into an MMA fighter and competing in UFC.

However, it remains to be seen whether he will ever fight again – especially when he can make over a hundred grand from a quick video poker session.

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