WATCH: Facebook Explains How Every App Can Be Social Like Spotify

Facebook is launching its Open Graph platform tomorrow, which will allow outside developers to publish action stories back to Facebook, as long users say they’re OK.

Open Graph was announced at Facebook’s f8 conference last fall —  and no doubt, music and movie “stories” from early participants like Spotify and the Washington Post have probably showed up somewhere in your network.

Now, they’re opening it up to everybody else.

Last week, Facebook’s evangelist for mobile, Aryeh Selekman showed off the new social platform to developers at a hackathon, and we were on hand.

Selekman is part of a dedicated team trying to get developers to build more social apps. He encourages app makers to build their app from the ground up, adding that features like authenticated referrals, single sign-on, and mobile payments are also available. “Users are expecting to be the centre of the app. They expect friends to be there in that app experience,” he said.

Here’s more about what Facebook is rolling out this week.