David Beckham Makes Unsuspecting Fans Cry

Even though he was left off his nation’s Olympic roster, David Beckham is still fulfilling his duty as an ambassador to this year’s Summer Games.

In an Adidas ad, Beckham surprises unknowing Brits showing their support for Great Britain’s Olympic teams.

Beckham is obviously still a huge soccer and pop culture icon, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see fans react the way they did in the ad. It is fun, however, to see teenagers and grown men freaking out at the mere presence of their country’s biggest celebrity.

The ad is especially touching towards the end when a young boy tears up at the sight of his boyhood hero. Despite his age and diminishing skills on the pitch, this ad really makes you wonder why Team GB left Beckham off its soccer squad.

Watch Beckham make fans scream and cry in the Adidas ad below:

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