Burning Man Is Officially Open -- Watch The Livestream

Burning man 2014 livestreamustream.tv/burningmanAn image from the Burning Man livestream on Tuesday afternoon.

After heavy rainstorms delayed Burning Man attendees from entering the gates until this morning, day one of the festival is now officially up and running — and it doesn’t appear the rain affected the dry Nevada desert land for too long.

As of an hour ago, the Burning Man Facebook page announced the wait to get in by car was only 1.5 hours long and “the Black Rock City airport is open with one runway for takeoffs and landings.”

Burning Man has also set up an official livestream of the event, in case you’re curious what it’s all about:

Get the latest updates via the official Burning Man Twitter feed.

While the livestream is from fairly far away, here’s a closer look at some of what last year’s festival had to offer:

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