Watch Old Video Of Bond King Jeff Gundlach Bashing Out Two Songs From His LA Punk Days

gundlach drum

Photo: Bev Eyre

We couldn’t just stop at one.After we ran an ancient New Wave song by the band Thinking Out Loud in which bond god Jeffrey Gundlach sings backup vocals, we had to find more artifacts from this lost period.

Luckily, we barely had to lift a finger.

We got a call from another one of Gundlach’s old bandmates, Bev Eyre. Eyre claimed to be in possession of music videos, photos and more songs from the band. 

When we opened our computers this morning, it turned out to be true.



Imaginary Places


Calistenics (feat. vocals and intro chatter from Gundlach)


Existence Is Fun (co-written and sung by Gundlach)


Never Been To Eden

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