Watch Bill Gates Say AGAIN That He Won't Come Back As Microsoft's CEO

As we all know by now, Microsoft still doesn’t have a new CEO. Scuttlebutt says that one reason why it hasn’t yet lured someone is because the last two CEOs, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, won’t really take their fingers off the steering wheel.

More than one top industry exec, such as’s Marc Benioff, has suggested that Gates needs to come back as CEO, at least on an interim basis, to help the company get its groove back.

Gates has said, repeatedly, that he won’t do that because he loves his full-time work as a philanthropist running his charitable foundation.

But, he says, he remains Microsoft’s chairman, and he’ll continue to be involved with the company part time.

In this interview with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, Gates tries to sidestep the question of when Microsoft will find the right CEO, and says again that he’s not going to come back.

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