Twitter is killing Vine -- watch some of the best Vines of all time

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The INSIDER Summary:

• Vine is shutting down.
• Here are the best Vines of all time.

Twitter is killing off Vine
. The video platform isn’t ending immediately, but Twitter isn’t going to update the app anymore, and they’re planning to discontinue the service. They are, however, planning to keep the website running indefinitely.

Vines are a very particular form of meme creation. The video quality is intentionally bad, they’re at most only six seconds long, and they loop indefinitely. A good Vine revels in the details of a larger story. The best ones reveal new treasures and details with every loop.

As soon as it was announced that Vine was over, people started tweeting and sharing their favourite Vines. So in honour of the social media platform, we’ve compiled some of the best Vines ever created.

Duck Army is an example of a perfect Vine: unexpected, hilarious, and so, so watchable.

Here’s an innovative take on the “Jurassic Park” meme.

Some of the best Vines use seemingly unrelated music as a caption for the footage.

I know, it’s Nickleback, but please just listen.

Vine tends to feature more children making jokes than other social networks do.

They say a lot of funny things.

They have a knack for hitting those emotional notes just right.

There’s a lot going on here.

The Vine that launched a thousand memes.

This election season has been particularly good for political Vines.

Vic Berger IV has done a great job at spotting small, odd moments in campaign footage and multiplying them until they become unbearably awkward — and hilarious.


Logan Paul became famous for the sheer amount of effort he puts into his Vines. Each one is a story.

Gabriel Gundacker is a master at fake-outs. You think you’re going to watch something funny, and then he brings up something serious — while still being funny.

His pop culture takes are spot-on.

Demi Adejuyigbe‘s Vines are often really elaborate, using special effects and costumes for Vines that are just a few seconds long.

For whatever reason, a lot of furries ended up on Vine.

They have made some of the best videos on the platform.

Some of the best Vines are just sweet, simple puns.

Many Vines feature, of course, animals.

They can be really talented!

Vine is where “Run Away with Meme” — a riff off of one of Carly Rae Jepsen’s songs — took off.

Memes from the wider internet made their way on Vine, and were rendered in the perfect way.

This one is amazing.

Wacky stunts, with the right soundtrack, are the perfect recipe for a Vine video.

A lot of the best videos are distinguished with their fast, revealing cuts.

But not all of the best Vines are funny. The most important Vine in history was posted nearly a year ago and was the first video of last year’s Paris attack when a bomb can be heard during a soccer match.

But most Vines try to be funny and because they’re often so short, the best ones tend to pack a lot of different emotions into six seconds.

But the greatest Vine of all, in my opinion, is “back at it again at Krispy Kreme.” It is infinitely textured. And it evokes many mysteries about its context. It gets better every time you watch it.

We’ll miss you, Vine.

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