Barstool Sports just got bought and its 'kinda rich' founder made an appropriately absurd acquisition announcement

Barstool skitch founders saleBarstool SportsBarstool Sports team. Dave Portnoy is ‘El Presidente,’ in the center.

It’s one thing to get acquired. It’s another thing to do it in a video where you call your new boss the “big swinging d*** at the cracker factory.”

But if you’re a Barstool Sports fan, you’re not shocked. The crude, funny sports guy lingo is right in line with the brand that founder Dave Portnoy has spent years building, and about five million monthly readers have come to love.

Barstool Sports, the Boston-based satirical sports and men’s lifestyle blog that’s popular among millennial men, announced in an emergency press conference that it had been acquired by Peter Chernin’s Chernin Digital Group.

Set to “New York, New York”, its CEO David Portnoy and his “deputies” stood in Times Square to tell the world about their impending relocation to New York and where the sports site will go from here.

“Do I like Manhattan? No. Do I want to be in Manhattan? No. Do I like these people looking at me during this press conference? No. But it’s the right move,” Portnoy says.

Portnoy, who generally goes by ‘El Presidente’, went through the site’s laundry list of failures and acknowledged that it could use a boost from a bigger media organisation. This acquisition, in which Portnoy sold his majority stake, will help take this sports site “to the moon,” Portnoy says, but it wasn’t his “cash out” moment. Meanwhile, if you’re funny, Portnoy encourages you not to work for “an egg at SB Nation or all these other losers” and to join his now growing (and newly New York-based) team. 

If that isn’t enough, check out the full announcement on Barstool’s website. It ends with a nice “P.S. — I’m kinda rich now.” We’ve contacted Barstool Sports to find out just how rich and we’ll update if we hear back.

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