WATCH: Australian politicians are increasingly turning to Taylor Swift to explain government policies

John Elferink. Photo: John Elferink/ Facebook.

Taylor Swift is a hero and inspiration to millions of teenage girls – and Australian politicians. In the lead up to the New South Wales election earlier this year, premier Mike Baird quoted the American singer’s advice to “shake it off” in a video reading mean tweets.

Now the Northern Territory’s attorney-general, John Elferink, has turned to her most famous song to answer questions about mandatory alcohol treatment programs.

“I’m a very sensative person by I turn to the great America philosopher T. Swift: Some players are going to play, play, play, play, play. Some others are just going to fake, fake, fake. Well I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off.”

The response leaves the committee chair stumped: “OK. Thanks minister.

“I think we’re all a lot smarter,” a committee MP says.

“Thank you chair, I have finished on that particular output,” another MP says.

While he didn’t get the chorus of the smash hit Shake It Off exactly right, it makes for funny viewing.

The minister isn’t the first time the attorney-general has joked around on the job.

In fact, he’s known for being a fairly jovial, hands-on politician, so the break out fan-girl moment doesn’t really surprise us.

He gets on a horse for photo ops.

Photo: John Elferink/ Facebook.

He dresses up as Santa for Christmas.

Photo: John Elferink/ Facebook.

He gets involved on the rugby field.

Photo: John Elferink/ Facebook.

And has a laugh with those he visits.

Photo: John Elferink/ Facebook.

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