Watch as the cabin of this Jetstar flight fills with smoke, forcing it to land

Screenshot: NANIXAMI/ YouTube.

A Jetstar flight flight had to be diverted to Brisbane after aircraft’s cabin filled with smoke.

The JQ956 flight from Sydney to Cairns was left with just one of its two engines operational after there was a technical issue.

A Jetstar spokesman told The Sydney Morning Herald it was switched off “as a precaution”.

“The Captain decided to shut down one of the engines as a precaution and divert the aircraft to Brisbane,” they said.

Passengers reported hearing a “scraping and grating” noise when the smoke filled the cabin, and were forced to cover their faces with items of clothing.

The plane, which departed from Sydney at around 3.40pm, landed in Brisbane just before 6pm, and no one was injured.

Engineers are investigating the cause of the smoke.

See footage of the incident here.

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