WATCH: Andrew Breitbart LOSES It On Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Conservative media luminaries gathered this weekend to pay tribute to Andrew Breitbart, the online provocateur whose untimely death last week sent shockwaves through the right-wing blogosphere he helped create. 

Breitbart’s death, like his life, has sparked polarising responses from his numerous admirers and detractors. But among conservative bloggers, the response has been widespread devastation. (Ann Coulter recently compared his death to that of John Lennon.) Breitbart’s unique brand of Hollywood-hating, MSM-reviling gonzo carved out an unapologetic space for conservative thinking in online journalism, making him a hero and a celebrity in right-wing circles. 

Nowhere was this cult of Breitbart more apparent than at CPAC, the annual conservative confab in Washington, D.C.

Breitbart’s speech at this year’s CPAC has been heralded as one of his last great moments. But the conservative blogger’s less-scripted confrontation with Occupy protesters outside the conference is perhaps a better example of just how unabashedly crazy Breitbart could be.

Upon hearing that Occupiers were outside of CPAC, the conservative blogger marched out to confront the protesters and totally lost it, yelling at them repeatedly to “behave themselves” and “stop raping people.” 

Campus Progress’s Emily Crockett caught the Breitbart Moment on camera: 


WorldNetDaily has an extended video of the encounter that is even crazier, including an interview with Breitbart after he is escorted away from the protest by the police.