WATCH: An Australian journalist's brutal takedown of Donald Trump

Chris Uhlmann. InsidersABC/ Twitter

ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann has delivered a scathing analysis of Donald Trump’s presidency during the G20 summit, accusing him of hastening America’s decline as a global superpower.

Uhlmann criticised Trump’s presence at the summit in Hamburg, his leadership and use of Twitter, saying his actions in diminishing America are “the biggest threat to the values of the west, which he claims to hold so dear”.

“He was an uneasy, lonely, awkward figure at this gathering and you got the strong sense that some of the leaders are trying to find the best way to work around him,” Uhlmann said.

“He has no desire and no capacity to lead the world.”

The journalist says Trump craves power “because it burnishes his celebrity” who places no value on the meaning of words, “so what’s said one day can be discarded the next”.

Trump may have “identified an illness in Western democracies”, Ulhmann argued, but “he has no cure and seems intent on exploiting it”.

The G20 became the G19 because of Trump’s stance on the Paris climate accord, which left the US “isolated and friendless”.

Ulhmann said Trump had the “perfect” issue to rally the leaders – North Korea’s missile tests, but he failed to act.

“Where was the G20 statement condemning North Korea which would have put pressure on China and Russia? Other leaders expected it, they were prepared to back it, but it never came.”

Instead, he wastes his time.

“[He] barks out bile in 140 characters, [and] wastes his precious days as President at war with the West’s institutions,” he said of Trump.

“Donald Trump has pressed ‘fast forward’ on the decline of the United States as a global leader. He managed to isolate his nation, to confuse and alienate his allies and to diminish America.

“He will cede that power to China and Russia, two authoritarian states that will forge a very different set of rules for the 21st century.

“Some will cheer the decline of America. But I think we’ll miss it when it’s gone.”

His broadcast his since gone viral, attracting the public and political commentators around the world.

Watch it in full here:

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