WATCH ABC Employees Make Scathing Video 'Welcoming' New Boss Ben Sherwood

Ben Sherwood

Is Ben Sherwood the most hated person in the media industry?

Sherwood, former executive producer of Good Morning America and current head of ABC News, is so despised by his new employees that they made a scathing video about it, and sent it to Gawker. The video is below.

The video calls out Sherwood for having no ideas, piggybacking off of his privileged family and successful wife, his “bizarre office behaviour,” and losing a million viewers for ABC News.

TV Newser reports that Sherwood just “laughed off” the video’s harsh criticism:

Someone who just spoke to Sherwood today tells TVNewser that he “laughed it off.”

“In this age, in this business, it is to be expected,” they added.


What is perhaps most stunning about the whole thing is just how much Ben Sherwood is apparently hated by absolutely everyone.

Andrew Sullivan wrote a 1,300 word essay on how much he hated Ben Sherwood in Spy magazine in October 1988 – back when Sherwood was 24.

20-four. How is it even possible to be that hated at 24?

From Sullivan’s 1988 piece, reposted this month by “popular demand” at The Atlantic:

Ben is one of the most hated people alive,” agrees Clark Freshman, a Harvard classmate and, as a Marshall scholar, a fellow Oxonian. “It’s bizarre. People actually make an effort to dislike him.” Others put it more gently: ‘When you think Ben Sherwood, you think funny stories, you think arsehole, you think ‘Thank God I’m not him,’ ” says a friend.

This is how 24 year-old Ben described himself (seriously):

Ben ventured to the Times. “And Machiavelli, who is widely misunderstood, said that in the long run it’s not very important to be popular, because popularity is fleeting, but respect is permanent.”

Still, it feels sort of mean-spirited to pick on what might have just been an over-achieving, socially awkward 24 year-old who would probably grow out of it with some life experience.

But the hatred goes on! And on!

(As a side note, Sherwood is the author of the inexplicably best-selling book and subsequent Zac Effron movie, Charlie St. Cloud. If you’ve always wondered how the novel ever got made into a film, I gather from the video connections had something to do with it.)

Even back when Sherwood was at Good Morning America, he was hated. People have sent Gawker a set of his cringe-worthy email screw-ups from 2004 (where Sherwood accidentally sent around not just a final draft of an email to a massive list, but also all the earlier drafts plus a supportive pep talk from his wife.)

Welcome to the Internet Ben!

[h/t Gawker]

Ben Sherwood:The Movie from Roone Arledge on Vimeo.

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