WATCH: A woman was pulled from tracks seconds before a train sped past

Victoria Police/ YouTube

A woman owes her life to three Victorian Protective Services Officers who dragged her from the track just seconds before an approaching train speed through the station.

Victoria Police has released a video of the incident which shows the woman crossing the tracks before attempting to climb onto the platform.

“It was heading straight for her, I just thought she is going to get hit, we’ve got to try and grab her out of there,” one of the officers, now a constable with Victoria Police told The Age.

“We sprinted down to the train tracks and heaved her out by her arms about three seconds before she would have been hit by the train.”

The woman has been charged for entering the railway tracks, which are restricted areas.

Further details on the incident have been withheld by police to protect the woman’s identity.

See the footage here.

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