WATCH: A snake swallowed a Brisbane man’s shoe

Image: HerpVet

A Brisbane man, searching for his missing slipper, found a suspiciously fat snake in his house.

The carpet python was discovered several days after the footwear disappeared.

He called in Sally and Norman Hill of N&S Snake Catcher to deal with the intruder.

“Mystery of a missing slipper,” the snake catchers posted on their Facebook page.

“The snake will be needing X-ray and surgery to remove the slipper.”

Here’s the culprit:

Norman Hill. Image: N&S Snake Catcher

The snake was prepared for surgery at HerpVet, a dedicated reptile department within the Greencross Jindalee Veterinary Clinic.

“You can’t make this stuff (up),” said Dr Joshua Llinas of HerpVet.

“This wild, Coastal carpet python, was brought into the clinic by a local snake catcher after it was found in a home having ingested a slipper.

“This made for one of the most impressive radiographs I have seen.”

Surgery was performed under general anaesthetic to remove the right foot slipper with a procedure called a coeliotomy and gastrotomy.

Here’s the shoe being extracted from the snake:

The snake was given fluids, anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

“He woke up well and is off for rehabilitation in a couple of days,” says HerpVet.

The vet clinic has been getting a run of Coastal Carpet Pythons eating odd objects.

Earlier this month snake catchers brought in a python that had eaten a tennis ball. Surgery successfully removed the ball.

Here’s the rescued slipper:

Image: Dr Joshua Llinas of HerpVet