WATCH: A red belly black snake rescued from a beer can

Not for the faint-hearted. Photo: Tim Faulkner/ Facebook.

Tim Faulkner, general manager and head of conservation at the Australia Reptile Park in Somersby NSW, has rescued a 1.5m red-bellied black snake from a beer can.

The venomous snake, found by a former park volunteer in Wyong on the NSW Central Coast, was freed by Faulkner and his team and released back into the wild this week, without injury.

While a red belly black snake’s diet normally consists of frogs, lizards and small mammals, it seems this snake was looking for something to wash his tucker down with.

“Luckily for this fella he didn’t have any lacerations around the site where the can was,” Faulkner said on his Facebook page, where he uploaded a video of the rescue.

“If there were, we would have to take him to our vet and hold the snake whilst our vet inspects and treats.”

Red belly black snakes are classified as dangerously venomous, but the toxicity is not considered fatally dangerous, according to WIRES. The venom can destroy muscle tissue, but few human deaths have resulted from a bite from this species.

See de-canning happen here.

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