Watch a protester knock down a CNN reporter during unrest in Charlotte

Charlotte CNNScreenshot via TwitterCNN reporter Ed Lavandera

Demonstrations in North Carolina turned violent for a second night amid outrage over a fatal police shooting in the city of Charlotte.

One person was fatally shot during Wednesday night’s protest, according to WSOC-TV reporter Joe Bruno.

That shooting was a result of “civilian-on-civilian violence,” Bruno reported, citing a Charlotte city councilwoman.

The protesters were out in support of shooting victim, Keith Lamont Scott, who was fatally shot by police on Tuesday.

Police say the shooting occurred after Scott, a black man, refused their orders to drop a handgun, though there have been conflicting accounts of what exactly transpired.

Relatives of Scott have alleged that he was not carrying a gun during his encounter with the police.

Authorities have not released any video of Tuesday’s incident, but the city’s mayor said they plan to.

During heated demonstrations on Wednesday night, some participants clashed with reporters on scene.

One person apparently knocked over CNN reporter Ed Lavandera. That exchange was caught on video: 

Protester bodychecks CNN reporter, knocks him to the ground at #CharlotteProtest
— Mashable News (@MashableNews) September 22, 2016

Another protester confronted Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan on camera. “You wanna make a f—–” fabricated story,” the woman can be heard saying live on air.

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